5 Bad-Ass Must Reads For 2018!

Shit time really flies!

Now coming close into the month of February, I want to share a list of my favorite books I’ve read so far for the New 2018 Year.

  Yes, I am a HUGE book gal and I have NO shame what so ever.

You will defiantly be interested to see the many genres of books I dabble in throughout the year, trust me when I say it’ll be random but entertaining as hell!

This Month’s reading picks vary between inspirational self-development, hysterical biographies & juicy non-fiction.

Whether while you’re sipping on something hot at your favorite coffee shop or just looking for a great entertainment read before bed, this selection will provide you with the perfect combination of professional insight & “non-filtered” comedy.

1. Think Rich and Grow Rich by Napoleon Hill

Written in 1937 to be promoted as a personal development and self-improvement book grew to be one of the most famous books for helping those to succeed in any line of work, to do and be anything they can imagine!

When Napoleon Hill wrote this book it was not completely intended revolved around the concept of money but to overall upgrade your mindset in order to achieve anything you want.

If you have the utmost burning desire to make your dreams become a reality, I HIGHLY suggest reading this book!

Book Here:

2. Mindset: The New Psychology Of Success by Carol S. Dweck, Ph.D.

World-Renowned Psychologist Carol S. Dweck speaks on how almost any human endeavor is  influenced by how we think about our abilities.

From reading this in my own personal millennial perspective, I began to learn that in order to develop your knowledge and self-character you must also be willing to differentiate your mindset.

Who would’ve known that making a slight decision of one thing could shape what you do in the future?

Book Here:

3. Not That Kind Of Girl by Lena Dunham

Now if you’re into more personal womanly struggles come from the outrageously funny creator of Girls, you HAVE to take a peek at this book!

With Lena Dunham perfectly dividing the book into sections of short stories ranging from “Love & Sex” to the “Big Picture”.

You’ll enjoy this refreshing casual take on her modern feminism journey.

Book Here:

4. Z: A Novel Of Zelda Fitzgerald by Therese Anne Fowler

Now did you ever wonder where the hell did F. Scott Fitzgerald get the idea to write one of the most glittering piece of art called the Great Gatsby?

Well, how exciting would it be for me to tell you the Great Gatsby story was partially based on one of the most romantic literary relationships between both Fitzgerald and his wife Zelda!

With using the vividly written pieces from Zelda Fitzgerald’s letters, Therese Anne Fowler gives an entertaining drama filled biography on the “roller-coaster” of a life Zelda had lived within the Roaring 20s era.

Perfect for the type of reader that likes the drama within a high living society filled with partying and drinking, like a 1920s Gossip Girl!

Plus can we please acknowledge this “cute af” bookmark I had gotten to match the fabulousness in this book!

(Yeah, you can say I’m a little extra)

Book Here:

5. Everything About Me Is Fake…And I’m Perfect by Janice Dickinson

Last but definitely not least is this HILARIOUS raunchy biography by the outspoken queen herself Janice Dickinson.

If you loved her on Americas Next Top Model, you will expect nothing less from getting her chaotic personality in this book!

The brutally honest truth about how models are just a fixation the media create for society to make-up perfectionism.

YES, the tea has been served!

Book Here:

Now, this perfectly wraps up my current 2018 favorite reads.

Again these are my personal options on the books, so feel free to make your own distinctions on them if you have the chance to pick them up!

Please feel free to let me know if you have ANY recommendations on other books you’ve read or have heard! The book junkie in me craves more!

Til Next Time! XOXO

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