I Took A Year Off From School & Found My Dream Job, (What?!).

Here’s how I turned my troubling times at my college into a great opportunity that later created the career I never could have imagined to have.

To shift gears from past blog posts, I wanted to share such an important experience that I had on my journey from not knowing what the hell I was doing with my life, to now having my dream job any millennial would hope to have!

Photo by katie manning

I was born & raised in Boston, Massachusetts, I love my city, didn’t want to leave and all my family lived here so it only made sense to me to go to the University of Massachusetts Boston.

I wasn’t the “dorm-ing type” nor did I want to quit working (I’m a natural born hustler baby!), so the best option for me was to stay home.

I went in as an undergraduate biology major and met some of the greatest people along the way, but the more I seemed to focus on working than schoolwork seemed to worry me.

“I love Bio, but why do I feel like something is missing?”.

I was always interested in the sciences and am a crazy animal lover (pshh who isn’t), but began to think critically of my future and I didn’t dream to work in a lab for the rest of my life.

College isn’t cheap, so why would I continue to waste my family’s money/my money to be unhappy.

After a long discussion with my mom, I had decided to take time off of school to really make a sensible plan for myself and my future.

I began to take any paying/”interesting” jobs along the way and found myself as a salon receptionist, (out of all things, this really came out of the blue!). I had no experience in working in this type of industry, but I had drive. I envisioned myself as a go-getter and managerial material, so this seemed like a fresh way to start.

Receptionist than became into a manager’s personal assistant, and it wasn’t until I had started creating really unique and personable media posts, where I had found my true calling.

The only experience I had managing a business’s marketing was running my personal social accounts, and trust me it wasn’t even all that, so why the hell am I so good at this?!

That small little chance, broke in the door for me to create a career for myself that I actually am still obsessing over!

I was dedicated to educating myself to be the best that I could be on my own terms, and discovered digital media was my niche!

As each day passed and the more recognition I had gotten over my work and with patience and consistency, an opportunity arose for me (thank you Jesus!) to be doing what I love!

I am now a self -made digital marketing coordinator working for one of the best groups in Boston, and this all had stemmed from growing my hobby into a career!

I really can’t make this shit up!

The point I am trying to make is that there are many blessings that come in disguise.

You just always have to remain patient, consistent and true to yourself.

As millennial we have to value each of our days and recognize our potential and impact on our society.

It’s time to break the stigma that you can’t make a career for yourself if it just doesn’t exist.

Until next time! xoxo


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