The Ultimate Girl-Boss Workout Playlist

Your new favorite Cardio Workout Playlist that will light a fire under your a**, and make you kill your workout like a BOSS.

Let’s admit it, ladies, if you’re like me and we are aspiring to be a fitness queen!

I’ve always been a huge advocate to listening to some “pump it up” songs to motivate me and has become a CRUCIAL part of my gym routine.

(Besides my headphones, have you ever been to the gym without them? It’s just a deathly sound of people stomping and grunting)

As a Spotify veteran, it is so easy to discover some new sounds depending on your mood. This playlist consists of a little house, hip-hop & some fun groove.

The genre switch up keeps your work out fun, and pace tracking becomes so much simpler.

Bop around, shake your hips, sing out loud, actually enjoy your workout and forget about everyone else!

(They’re just jealous of your awesome playlist 😉 )

Hopefully, you had some fun listening to these tracks & please feel free to recommend some of your Holy Grail songs, or if you would like for me to share other playlists!


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