The Truth Behind Overly-Processed Hair

And The Steps That Help You Fix It

Be prepared to gasp!

I am not going to sugar coat this, the process of fixing your overly-processed hair SUCKS!, so let me show you the honest truths behind it…

Let me first start by stating, I Love Change! Ever since I had started first dying my hair about 8 years ago, no one could stop me from dying it over and over again.

(They should have honestly.)

Whether you feel this is true to you, or not, I have always felt that whenever I dye my hair one certain color, I ALWAYS want to change it to the contrast!

Here comes where the turning dark brown to ash blonde phase had come in…and let me tell you YIKES!

Born a Latina, I was blessed with dark almost black, silky hair that I just couldnt wait to damage. (Thats a joke, sorry mom!)

It wasn’t until I started working at a salon where this whole bright idea of bleaching my whole head in one sitting came about. If you have ever worked in a salon or even have been surrounded by beautiful blonde haired people, you should know that the temptation to turn white blonde from basically black is REAL!

But let me please show you what the outcome will look like when you fully havent thought the whole process through…. (yes, with a car selfie hehe).

Cue the absolute regret meltdown montage, I had repeatedly every week!

Tip 1: Trust your reality rather than the expectations.

  • Not only was I absolutely grateful to work at a salon and basically get my hair done for free but a word to myself, “Just because it’s free doesn’t mean it will be what you want!”.
  • I was more interested in the thought of being blonde like the pretty blonde Pinterest girls, that I was starting to imagine myself in their shoes, than actually seeing me!

Tip 2: Use bleach at your own risk.

Aka: Don’t just say fuck it and bleach your whole hair in just one sitting
  • I cannot stress this enough, that turning black to blonde with bleach in one day is excruciatingly damaging!
  • Find an honest salon professional that would rather tell you the truth to the outcome to bleaching your hair, than actually go ahead and do it anyway! (Thank goodness I found my absolutely ride or die team of salon professionals that saved me!)

Shoutout to Avanti Salon

Tip 3: Treatments will be your ride or die!

  • So if you’re like me and just ruined your hair and have no idea where to even start the road to recovery, treatments will be your life!
  • Invest in deep treatments, whether in the salon or even at home ones. They may not work overnight (but wouldn’t that be amazing!), but over time the results will seem noticeable
  • Fun Tip: Rock your treatment with style, some treatments allow you to leave it in your hair and can style in a chic low slick bun!

I will attach below some great deep conditioning treatments I had tried, and may work for you!

Tip 4: Keep your haircuts on a routine basis.

  • This may be hard for some of us that if possible would keep our long locks forever, but if it comes to the point where your ends are beyond repair…it’s time.
  • The cuts don’t have to be drastic like going from mermaid to pixie, but going in for monthly trims actually, help rebuild your hair cuticle and eliminates your damaging ends for the better.

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