How To Have Book A Vacation Without Breaking The Bank

Let me first say, holy shit not only is planning a trip stressful af but its esspensiveeeee!

So when continuously browsing on my “Globetrotter” Pinterest board (yes I have one, we all do!), the travel bug bites me in the ass!

So how can you make a luxury vacation happen on a normal person’s 9-5 budget? Because face it, we still got shit to pay for when we get back home.

Let me offer you the beacon of hope to a booking guide that I assure you works and will save you some dinero! No B.S included, I swear!

1. Flights

Before you even start to book a place to stay, you gotta think how in the hell will you get there?

Booking a flight is not a very easy process (especially if you’re planning with a group), so let me tell you the honest truth…check on the earliest days of the week!

It’s so simple but so crazy how these sites will trick you and upcharge you to the max for just checking on a Friday!

I highly recommend checking Google flights, because it will show you the price change within all the days for each month on this year’s calendar! It’ll help you plan when its the best time to book a flight and assure you to get the right deal.

Another source I like to use is Kayak, and no this is not an ad! This site really honestly works to pick the best-valued flight and provide multiple adjustments to that. (Plus the check out process is like the ABC’s)

2. Places To Stay

So boom, you booked your flight now what? Its time to look for a place to stay!

All my life, I have taken all the vacations I went on with my mom for granted because holy shit hotels are either hard to find or hella expensive! But as I have grown older, I realize the value of staying somewhere with a sense of ease and comfort.

As all my friends have mentioned to me mannyyyyy times that staying at a hostel is such a steal and a good way to meet new people, I would prefer an Airbnb home or even a hotel room. There is nothing wrong with staying in a hostile and can see how it’s such a great way to save your money for other things, but I am one that prefers to have my own space.

If you’re not like me and don’t mind the dorming atmosphere definitely go for it! It will definitely keep some more money in your pocket! – But if you’re similar to me Airbnb is key!

Airbnb offers so many gorgeous places to stay all over the world, and allows you the “live in your own space” feel, in your rented apartment. The hosts of these places are often so generous and can even offer neighborhood amenities that will help you feel right at home wherever you are!

The value is still great (depending on the specific type of space you choose of course), and when traveling with a group it allows you to split the cost comfortably.

3. Transportation

If you’re thinking of traveling to a city that allows you to walk from place to place or even taken public transformation, I would consider skipping on that car rental for the week. I say this because although you may not be familiar with taking public transportation, having a car may become a bigger burden to you that what you think. If the native can easily travel from place to place, there’s no harm in asking for directions.

Pau Casals

Another great option that has seemly exploded in popularity recently is Uber. As a Pro-Uber girl myself, this beats the high taxi costs, (which we should all know tricks the tourist into spending all their money). And from the previous experiences, I have had Uber cost are insanely cheap! This would be perfect for you and/or your to travel and not worry about a rental, or deciding on who is the designated driver is!

Budgeting is never fun and also not that very easy to follow, so I hope my tips will help your trip start off organized and helps make your booking process quick and efficient!

Happy Travels!

If you have any other travel questions that you ever see to find the answer for, leave it down below and I can help you out! <3


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